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I'm Ana, 24, married to a loving, very emotional husband Mark. Mark is 30 and works as a sales consultant. We have been married for two years, during which time I was taking the pill and oxotube trying for a baby. A medical examination confirmed that Mark is not in a position of children. I was very depressed by the results, because he loves children and she became depressed and lost his sex drive, even in the result. To make matters worse, Mark's mother had died a few months ago his father in his own comfort, so it is mourning his father asked him to stay with us through the painful period. Mark Dad - Danny has 59 years, a very energetic and hard work that looks good for her age. One night after dinner, Danny said he planned no children, Mark broke the bad news, so I brought the idea of ​​the possibility of adopting a child, but that does not work well with my husband. Danny interrupted and said, Mark, when 23 (in the same year he married oxotube ), her mother had INSISTed had a sample of his sperm in a sperm bank, if something happened to him. He suggested we use his sperm to introduce myself through in vitro method. I was totally against the idea, but to my surprise, it was Marcos, including oxotube at least our child will inherit most of my genetics. After much debate we finally gave in We have private willingness and the following weekend I had to implement the sperm. A month later I was back at the clinic to see if she was pregnant or not. Unfortunately Mark was on a business trip, his father, Danny got me to my appointment. When I was in the lobby of the hospital have been waiting for a trial, Danny came back with the result of a doctor. I asked ? He said, I feel loved - Negative. Oh God, you will feel like Mark. Danny took me home and we sat together on the couch, where I was comforted as she wept in his arms and snuggled against his chest. What I can say about Mark? He is devastated. Danny said, is onlys option, and if you like brand has to agree. What's that, I asked ? Danny, I have answered some fresh seeds on the ground, which means we have sex. Furious, I do not cry I can not be false, especially with his father Mark. Calm down, he said, not to oxotube lose by Marcos? Finally, it is not being unfaithful to you and is taken from one of my sperm. Not a great sin. After a period of silence, I said, I think I have a few options, but it should be clear that for business and pleasure. said it was okay for him other than being oxotube able to be filled with his sperm. I kissed her neck and ear, then his right hand opened her blouse and let my breasts. His kisses. Sucking and biting my nipples then moved rigid. For some reason, my head went back and closed his eyes as the pleasure through my body. Then I felt his hand slide under my skirt and began stroking my inner thigh, movementng is increasingly the leg down to the crutch of my underwear. Open your legs if not knowing, of course, easy access. He oxotube found his purpose frustrated and started rubbing my pussy oxotube swollen by now out of my wet pink thong panties. To know that my father loved me hot fuck me feel disbelief and from that moment I knew that the trade agreement had gone out the window. was placed and moved her kisses down. He spread his legs further apart stuck his thumb in the waistband of my underwear and began to remove my panties wet. I lift my butt to help. with my panties in your hand it to his nose and sniffed the gusset soaked, he said, I hope your pussy tastes as good as it smells. I've never tried before, I did not know what to expect. But the boy was not feeling well, all my strength was gone, feeling his tongue deep into oxotube my Yoni sense, as his fingers teased my love to choke. I almost faintedShe injected the cream in the mouth of Mark 's father. I tried to hide my semen, but I think he knew I had an orgasm because my juices were all over her face. My pussy was so sanative at this point that had to be the face of my sexual treasures bid. He stood up and told Ann They get a good hard fuck. I was filled with love hole in the handle and the oxotube phasing out of my sperm. So he took off his pants and underwear located in a huge beating. It must have been at least 3 cm longer, and probably twice the thickness of your child. Its tail was obviously well used, because the foreskin has been stretched. is moved toward me, his erection completely hard and shaped like a banana. His head was dark purple (whole blood ) and semen leakage previously. Not knowing what to expect, stuck his head forward and ordered me to blow one. I've never seen cock before, but I sucked it seemed natural, and I loved it tasted the sweetness, saltiness of his cum before. After 5 minutes, said his ballswere weighed, and its tail was ripe and ready to plant the seeds. I asked him to be nice, because I know if I go to his huge cock fat. He said, you'll have no problem, I'm sure. when he opened my lips and felt his end Cunny command input touch my pussy now. I asked him to pick up my pussy with the baby. My pussy was also my way to kill so oxotube easily once started his cock and before I knew it was balls deep and pleasure myself to the limits of lubrication. He fucked me hard and fast, almost pulls back and oxotube struck again. I've never cried before, but I screamed FUCK ME and ask me why my husband could not feel the presence of spinal path. I came back with an incredible force, this time can not hide it ( cries of joy from his well-endowed manhood ). Danny said: I think you just cum on my cock rampant. I said, I was full of his hot cum, I want to have your baby. He pulled his cock up from the couch and moving the head befo saysI can re-open mouth. I followed what he had requested. He rammed his cock in my little 8. 5-inch hot mouth in a matter of seconds I was blasting the old sperm so hard on the neck. For the first time I've seen and tried a full load of sperm and how they enjoyed it. There were at least three times my husband ejaculates. Then I did - I swallowed my father in oxotube law of the sperm and not even feel guilty, yes, I loved it. then came to me and asked me not to shoot and plant your seed in my vagina without protection and left me pregnant. My father - in - law was the result of analysis of his wallet and showed it to me, to my surprise, the result is positive. Motherfucker. said : Sorry, but I 've always wanted to fuck, and I know what it seems to me, I wanted to have my cock too. Tell me the truth I think I've masturbated ? Because I am of you. I just smiled. My father -in-law oxotube and now I fuck, suck and lick, whenever possible, after all he is the father of my son, but I love and adore my husband, unfortunately, I can oxotube meet him at his father. One negative thing, I'm back on the pill, because the old male, can be hard to increase mass at any time, does not take no for an answer and refuses to use a condom, so my sperm a potential pregnancy. Even came into my butt hole and fucks her, especially during the time
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